What does it mean to be a design/build?

Our goal at Oxbow Design Build is to help our clients navigate their building project from concept to completion. We enjoy being involved in all phases of consultation, design and fabrication. We take pride in creating well-crafted and functional homes, furniture, and goods.  
We recognize that it can be daunting to work with a variety of companies at different stages with different goals. The diverse skill sets of our knowledgeable and friendly team help guide and manage our projects’ many moving parts. As a holistic design/build company we offer a single point of direct communication, a cohesive vision of deliverables, a better design, and a more successful project:

What We Do

Oxbow Design Build offers design and consultation, production of highly-efficient structures, and environmentally sound renovations of existing buildings. In addition to working on structures, we design and fabricate custom furniture, built-ins, cabinetry, and displays. We use a variety of mediums including hardwoods, plywoods, metal, tile, and glass. Both residential and commercial clients are welcome. We are proud to offer free estimates for design and/or construction.