• Leverett House Remodel

    Leverett House Remodel

    Detailed modeling of the building allowed us to determine the minimum amount of structure that was required in order to stabilize the building, so that we could leave the interior spaces as open and airy as possible. Our relationship with the client has continued to the present day. We have built a large dining table…

  • INSA Springfield

    INSA Springfield

    Photograpy Credit: Alyssa Robb

  • Mountain Road Pergola

    Mountain Road Pergola

    Our client’s home is located on a Western Massachusetts hillside, complete with lush vegetation, a beautiful view of the valley, and excellent solar exposure. The solar exposure was so excellent, in fact, that it made the West-facing deck almost completely unusable and impassible. In order to transform the deck into as comfortable environment as possible,…

  • INSA Salem, Cannabis Dispensary

    INSA Salem, Cannabis Dispensary

    Photography Credit: Paul Teeling

  • Mill 180 Park

    Mill 180 Park

    Mill 180 Park is an extremely ambitious and unprecedented indoor hydroponics park, restaurant, and event space in our neighboring mill, Mill 180. We worked with Community Food Engine for over a year designing, imagining, and constructing this one-of-a-kind space. Among other things, we designed and constructed the Mycology House, the Amphitheater, the modular boardwalk floor…

  • Kaiju


    Project Type: Millwork/Construction/Architecture Project Description: RIP Kaiju Project Location: Amherst, MA, 01207 Other Contractors: Other Contractors Photographer Credit: Whitney Brooks

  • INSA – Easthampton, Cannabis Dispensary

    INSA – Easthampton, Cannabis Dispensary

    Oxbow Design Build has had the enormous opportunity of participating in the new cannabis industry as designers and fabricators. In collaboration with INSA (check out their website here), we’ve created a novel type of space and retail operations that centers around conveying the quality of the products sold, and fostering meaningful interactions between customers and…